Curriculum Vitae

Robert de Klonia is a descendant of a family of artists dating back to the year 1700.

Work by Adam de Klonia born 1634 in Rotterdam and died in London 1685 is part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Work by Rob's father Pieter Dirk de Klonia 1898-1970 can be found in the collection of the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam.

Robert de Klonia first works are watercolors of ballet scenes dating back to 1972.

After this he started working as a fashion photographer for magazines such as Harpers Bazar and Marie Clair.

He also works for famous fashion designer as Ungaro and Yamamoto in Paris.

He picked up painting again in 1999.

Exhibitions of his painting and photographic work where show in many countries around Europe

Koptekst 1

Koptekst 1

1984 Artishock                                             The Netherlands
2002 gallery Koopkunst                              The Netherlands
2003 Gallerie de Engel                               The Netherlands
2003 May Marines Museum                     The Netherlands
2002 Art Union Centre                             The Netherlands
2003 Finnish Cultural Center                   Belgium
2003 Royal Library Center                        The Netherlands
2003 Dutch Embassy                                 Finland
2003 Studio Mezzo                                     Finland
2007 Tefaf by Gallery de Boer                  The Netherlands
2008 Artotheek Singer Museum             The Netherlands
2010 Gallery Hiva OA                                The Netherlands
2016 Art Basel by Art Box                         Switzerland
2017 Armory Art weeks NY                       America